Cheap flights from Germany to Glasgow from €30 - KAYAK (2023)

Advantages:"Great seats, great crew."

Disadvantages:"Wasn't overly exciting in terms of entertainment in terms of movies, but really a personal choice."



Advantages:"Nothing to say"

Disadvantages:“See the comments for – the flight from Kochi to Dubai. In reality – much worse.”



Advantages:"The crew was nice and the boarding went smoothly"

Disadvantages:"The main meal was good, but there wasn't much else. There was no water, dessert or side dish, just the main meal, a piece of bread and butter. The chair wasn't that comfortable, I've had better on other airlines for the same flight slept."

Disadvantages:"Everything was ok, just didn't sleep well on the long 8-hour flights"

Advantages:"The seats were good and the legroom was good."



Disadvantages:"- We had to sit in the flight for 2 hours. Then everyone was unloaded. - We had to sit in the airport for about 6 hours. - I wasn't allowed to leave the flight or rebook until I waited 6 hours. - It's still not confirmed whether the flight will depart at the specified time - I missed my important work in India - The new flight arrives in Mumbai, midnight, 2:30 am, which is very hectic for me, I have am more for the flight Paid at the time of booking knowing it will arrive that evening."

Disadvantages:"Emirates wouldn't allow me to board the plane with my 7 pound carry-on due to weight issues on the plane. After a few minutes of haggling, they weren't convinced and only let me on the plane with my backpack.”

Advantages:"I really liked the leg spacing. It was very comfortable to stretch my legs. Overall it was good. Thanks :)"

Disadvantages:“I felt like a little more nibbles could fit into the 8+ hour flight. Apart from that everything was comfortable. Also the entertainment possibilities could be better.”

Disadvantages:"It was too cold"

Advantages:"I liked the inflight entertainment and the crew was welcoming and accommodating"

Advantages:“Emirates Airlines offers quality service in everything from passenger accessories to groceries. Stylish airlines.”

Disadvantages:“The only downside to this trip is the long non-stop to Dubai. 15 hours!"

Advantages:“Modern, spacious aircraft, experience on board, everything is great. Flatbeds in Bysiness are great.”

Disadvantages:"Boarding is chaotic - no signs, no announcements, first class passengers are herded into one big pen with the others, resulting in no reliable priority boarding. The flight was delayed 25 minutes (recommended by Kayak, not Emirates); no confirmation of this - departure boards never showed it, no announcement."

Advantages:"Well the best part was my free upgrade from Business to First....which is perfect for the 14+ hours from Dubai to Seattle... :)"

Disadvantages:"I prefer the A380 over the 777-300 because of the availability of the bar/lounge area and also the shower."

Disadvantages:“On the flight from Cochin to Dubai there was no place to put my hand luggage. I ask the crew to find and stow the place but one of the crew members said there is a place in the front but she can't take it there. I told her if it's above my seat and near my seat I don't mind placing it, some body has taken my place, it's your responsibility to find and place the place. Then she called her manager and the manager told me the bag is heavy for her (the bag was only 7 kg). I have to carry the bag all the way to the front. The crew is very lazy and too much attitude, will not fly this flight again."

Advantages:“Everyone was very friendly. Wide range of entertainment. Had enough legroom in a regular seat.”

Disadvantages:“On FlyDubai for the first leg of the trip. We had a difficult time checking in and our son's luggage got lost.”

Disadvantages:"The seat was broken and would not recline. Very uncomfortable 8+ hours"

Advantages:"Nothing to Like"

Disadvantages:"The Emirates and the crew are rude, not a good plane to travel with, they charge me $700 more rude service. I hate the service. I made a big mistake taking this plane."

Advantages:"The best airline so far for economy long-haul flights was Emerites Flight"

Disadvantages:“No Arabs on board but everything in Arabic, no real problems. It would have been difficult for my Thai woman to find her way on her own.”

Advantages:"We were able to swap seats to get more space - especially legroom"

Advantages:“We have flown on Asian airlines before, but Emirates is by far the best choice for international travel. Unfortunately we couldn't afford an upgrade to business but because we told the agent it was our honeymoon he put my wife and I in a window and aisle seat so we wouldn't have anyone between us. This gave us the extra space and comfort we needed. They're also a bit roomier than most planes with better legroom. You have a TON of free movies, TV shows and games, music and more on the plane. The food was decent for airplane food and there were plenty of snacks between meals.”

Advantages:"All in all... I now understand why they are the number ONE airline. We travel enough to see the BIG difference. Thumbs up. Please don't change!!!!"



Disadvantages:"Badly disorganized...they were 1.5 hours late resulting in the connecting flight being lost."

Advantages:"Nearly $1400 worth of items were broken in my two fragile box/bag."

Disadvantages:“The connection in Dubai was terrible. The 30 minute bus ride is so ridiculous. It is very difficult to even find the business class lounge. No greeters. No signage. Terrible service Qatar Airways."

Advantages:"A380 is spacious"

Disadvantages:"my seat (head) was broken"

Disadvantages:"Delayed on an already long flight and got home even later"

Advantages:"The same as above. If I were to do this trip again, I would only fly with Emirates. I told everyone how wonderful my flights were.”

Disadvantages:"Same as above."

Disadvantages:"I found out that my payment was not verified when I arrived at the airport and I was not informed of this by email or any other means. It was a total disaster. Deeply disappointed. Regards"

Advantages:"Flight was comfortable, plenty of leg room, good entertainment options"

Disadvantages:“The food service was chaotic, delayed. For the main meal, the warm starter came about 20 minutes after we received the tray with the rest of the food. Some advertised snacks were not served at all.”

Disadvantages:“No toilets in the departure hall! 30 minutes late, sitting in the cabin with almost no oxygen, thought I was going to pass out. My last flight with Emirates.”

Advantages:"Good flight with decent amenities.

Advantages:"Towards the end of the flight I felt unwell. The cabin crew could not have been nicer. Although busy, they all found time to come and check on me, including the purser. Water and other drinks were provided regularly. They even provided afternoon tea with scones and cream!"


Advantages:"Flight was pleasant"

Disadvantages:"Not enough vegetarian food despite requesting well in advance."

Advantages:"First class with Emirates is a perfect flying experience!"

Advantages:"Dubai was fun."

Disadvantages:“The food wasn't very good. Not very healthy. More fruit and veg please. I don't like the flight attendants closing the curtain for first class disembarkation. Seems pretty childish and snooty.”

Disadvantages:"The screen went black in mid-flight (on a 16 hour flight!) and there was nothing anyone really tried to fix it except 'reset' which did nothing. Unfortunately that happened when the flight was so long.”

Advantages:"Customer service, food, flight in general was good."

Disadvantages:"I lost the TV signal a couple of times and as a result I couldn't see the games that interested me. But I understand that sometimes this is out of your control, but the whole system would benefit from an upgrade. The touchscreen sometimes takes a while to respond, making the process a bit tedious."

Advantages:"Staff, service, plane, food. Everything"

Disadvantages:"I can't say a word against her."

Advantages:“Your airline always strives to be ahead of the competition. They are punctual, friendly and efficient. If you fly where I need to go I will fly Emirates!!!”

Disadvantages:“The seats in business class on the 777 are very narrow. Boarding the plane was troublesome as it was far from the terminal and we had to wait a long time for the bus.”

Advantages:"The team and the legroom"

Disadvantages:"The food was very spicy and oily. My 3 year old turned 3 after he ate the fried rice. Boarding was very messy."

Disadvantages:“The food was not given properly, there were no snacks I get between breakfast and meal every time I fly from Dubai to Boston or vice versa. No kit was given that includes brush, paste, eye tape. Last time I traveled from Boston to Dubai the food was completely frozen and now this!"

Disadvantages:"Baggage claim in Hyd took more than 2 hours"

Advantages:"After what happened on Wednesday 3rd August I expected there would be something crazy but not like this. I was checked in by a clerk who just started that day. She tells me in a weak voice, “Sir, you are not allowed to take this flight.” After that, she tells me to check again 1 hour before departure. So I do, another cashier says you made the flight please go to security. I have 45 minutes before the flight is scheduled to depart at 3pm. I hurry with my wife from one part of DXB to the other. Somehow got there but then had to wait over 2 hours because a connecting flight was delayed, unbelievable. Then when we land and I try to get my bag, the bags are lost. Not only my several passengers I go to the baggage claim and the cashier yells at me and other passengers: "Shut up, I don't care about your bag." It's the most disrespectful moment of the trip, I've never seen a customer service provider yell at me like that has. This experience directly reflects Emirates' lack of management in their hiring process as well as their ability to train their employees in high stress environments. I probably won't be flying Emirates again, not worth paying a premium for below average service. The cabin crew were very considerate and respectful and made the trip bearable, their ground crew is another story."

Disadvantages:"Lack of management with staff, inability to control a high stress situation, in addition the lack of communication regarding the progress of my flight. Delays and setbacks happen, but communication would help me plan accordingly and be prepared.”

Advantages:"Entertainment On Board"

Disadvantages:"Long Stay"

Advantages:"* Comfortable seating * Brilliant and efficient staff * Excellent variety of inflight entertainment * Price!"

Advantages:“The surrounding headrests help when sleeping. The large blanket was comfortable and kept me warm. I really liked the larger entertainment screen and the excellent selection of movies and TV programs. I have never had 'Homes International' and 'Don' 'tell the bride' on any flights which are my favorites and are very popular. I fly 16 domestic and international flights a year. The flight attendants were very friendly and helpful."

Disadvantages:"It was a bit too cold. I was in row 50 in the aisle. I'm a vegetarian and was pleasantly surprised to find the fish curry on the menu, but I couldn't see or taste the fish. A bit disappointing.”

Advantages:“I like the service from the flight crew and the live video feed of the front and bottom caneras of the aircraft. I made a lot of videos of exterior was great."


Advantages:"The boarding was efficient and the crew was nice."

Disadvantages:"The seating is terrible. It was the tightest seating I've ever experienced."



Advantages:"Klm's consistently high standards in everything they do."


Advantages:"Pleasant crew. Reasonable and efficiently served snack.”

Disadvantages:"Embarkation and disembarkation were slow."

Advantages:"Planes were on time and connections made."

Disadvantages:"One bag delayed as it wasn't placed on the flight and the food could be better."

Advantages:"Excellent crew, good food and good film selection."

Advantages:"very nice group"

Disadvantages:"My bag is lost"

Advantages:"The crew was fantastic, the flight was on time and great entertainment."

Disadvantages:"The space is just about adequate on a long flight, even if there are roomier seats you could choose if you pay more."

Disadvantages:"Fix the damn KIOSKS in Vienna!"

Advantages:"Crew great, boarding in Nice very well organized, boarding in Amsterdam not so well organized!"

Disadvantages:"A queuing system would be better - it was a bit disorganized in Amsterdam!"

Disadvantages:“Flight is delayed 30 minutes”

Advantages:"Great plane and staff"


Advantages:"Great crew, comfortable seating with plenty of leg room."

Disadvantages:"Instead of a snack, offer dinner before you get to Jobburg. Flight arrives late so dinner would be nice."

Advantages:"The crew was helpful and the food was very good"

Disadvantages:"There was no entertainment on the flight from Vancouver to Amsterdam, on top of a two-hour delay in take-off, which meant we had to literally run to our gate in Amsterdam to connect to Mumbai."

Advantages:"The seat was uncomfortable. There was nothing to like. In the past I have traveled with KLM but this time it was the worst.”

Disadvantages:"No proper meal service. Even the passenger from Amsterdam was not served dinner. No inflight service. It looks like a domestic flight. I will think twice about traveling with KLM. The check-in staff at the counter was absolutely arrogant was nice."


Advantages:"I love the food"

Disadvantages:"Larger meals."

Advantages:"Very good service, the flight attendants made it as comfortable as possible, the plane left on time"

Disadvantages:“hard to sit on a plane for 9.5 hours”

Disadvantages:"Too much light in the cabin because too many screens are on. There should be a separate part of the cabin with the screens off so you can sleep better."

Advantages:“The flight started with a visit to the recently renovated KLM Crown Lounge at Amsterdam Airport. I liked the different seating options and of course the bar upstairs. The service on board was attentive and efficient, I really liked the food on offer (especially the Chinese dish) but also the little touches like nuts and Gouda cheese served in small porcelain bowls. The seat itself was very comfortable when seated and the structure offers a lot of privacy. However, for couples or friends traveling, it's a bit awkward to have a conversation even if you're sitting next to each other. Overall, my expectations were met.”

Disadvantages:"For taller people (I'm 185 cm tall) this seat is not ideal for sleeping because the space to put your feet is very narrow and it's uncomfortable to lie on your back (because you can't put them in their natural resting position) .Cabin Temperature could have been a bit lower for my taste.The crew needs better training regarding Chengdu transfer procedure.

Advantages:"Good, comfortable seat with extra legroom. Pleasant crew.”

Advantages:"Very pleasant, professional crew"

Disadvantages:"Very slow check-in. Mainly because other passengers obviously don't read instructions on hand luggage weight/contents etc. Would be helpful if there were additional staff to take care of this outside of the check-in counter. This would mean that others Didn't have to queue for 25 minutes because the check-in girls had to deal with them too"

Advantages:"Staff were very friendly"

Disadvantages:"The seats were very small"

Disadvantages:"Nothing special"

Advantages:"The flight to Gdansk took off and arrived on time, and the staff was professional."

Disadvantages:"The flight from Gdansk to Amsterdam was delayed and I had to run to the connecting gate. 50 minutes is NOT ENOUGH time to go through passport control."

Advantages:“Comfort was better than the previous Dash-8. The meal was okay."

Disadvantages:"I despised the cold and cold drafts of world business, even with all the vents shut... I caught a cold. Boarding was disorganized. There was no sense of direction; ergo everyone jumped in.”

Advantages:"Great food"

Disadvantages:"I paid a premium price for my ticket and expect advertised amenities to work. Entertainment system upgrade or replacement."

Advantages:“We were offered a delicious pasta dish and two drinks. They also gave a muffin for dessert. The flight attendants were very nice and attentive with a happy smile. I wish every airline had such a good service!”

Advantages:"Good offices!"

Advantages:"Nice crew; clean plane; decent dinner"

Disadvantages:"No entertainment system; not enough knee room"

Advantages:"Enjoyed the attention to detail and comfort. Helped make the flight easier to manage."

Advantages:"He missed it because he had a 32-minute break that he walked to boarding."

Disadvantages:"He had no choice but to look at the closed door of his plane and wait another 7 hours and they didn't even give him a meal voucher. I am his mother, I am currently visiting family in Scotland. So I couldn't help him much. I'm pretty disgusted and disappointed with the whole experience.”

Advantages:"service, technology"

Disadvantages:"Could not print boarding pass and was not allowed to board in Amsterdam"

Advantages:"The meal was excellent"

Disadvantages:"I have to pay to pay a little more comfort"

Disadvantages:"Tiny old cramped plane."

Advantages:"Flight was on time and fast and comfortable"

Advantages:“Grateful that coffee is served free of charge. Not all airlines do that.”

Advantages:"Good multimedia access and good content"

Advantages:"The reception staff at check-in were very helpful. I had a complicated issue with my luggage and they helped me sort it out in the best possible way. Great service! Also, the entertainment on board is great! Nice movies, good food, friendly flight attendants etc. They even offered me a second sandwich =)! I really loved my experience with KLM."

Advantages:"good service"

Advantages:"Familiar professional and friendly service from my preferred airline for most destinations."


Advantages:"Great food"

Disadvantages:"Sears, we're too small"

Advantages:"Crew was friendly...Business class seat was very comfortable and seemed wider than most Nice outlets. Great entertainment system"

Disadvantages:"Row 6 in the shop is after the first 5 rows and the galley and toilet. Very awkward"

Advantages:"That we didn't crash"

Disadvantages:"Everything! The crew was rude, no conversation at all, late boarding, late departure and bad experience with the check-in process both on the app and on the website."

Disadvantages:"Not only was there free food, but they tried to sell you some stuff.

Disadvantages:“That I was forced to check in my luggage. I have never received a chain ticket for my luggage. The flight has a 32 hour wait and KLM lost my luggage and it wasn't found until a week after I arrived home. I still haven't received my bag at this time. The boarding crew manually tracked who boarded and who didn't. It was an accumulation.”

Advantages:"Everything - checkin, crew, food, entertainment"


Advantages:"Jet Airways flight to Mumbai"

Disadvantages:"Poor leg room on Klm flight to Amsterdam"

Disadvantages:"The pet was left at the resort because the pet's reservation (made and confirmed by KLM) was not found at check-in. Awaiting customer service assistance to bring the pet home and take responsibility for the situation , and no reply. Very disappointed in the face of a lawsuit ."



Advantages:"The Crew"

Disadvantages:"The Seat and the Food"

Advantages:"Flight landed on time"

Disadvantages:"The gate kept changing without any audible notification sounding at the gate and the boarding process was a mess."


Disadvantages:"Get in"






Disadvantages:“The food was bad. The movie options were limited and the software would often freeze and have to be restarted.”

Disadvantages:"Connection time not acceptable with delay in departure from London"


Advantages:"See my earlier comments"

Advantages:"It wasn't a full flight, that was nice"

Disadvantages:"The bus to the plane was too warm and had to wait 10 minutes before actually letting us go."

Advantages:"What more can you ask for in economy travel?"

Disadvantages:"Narrow Seats"

Disadvantages:"Luggage lost."

Advantages:"Flight arrived early."

Disadvantages:"The last two transatlantic flights have been hot. What happened to a nice cool flight and using the blanket when you're cold?"

Advantages:"Great experience."

Disadvantages:"Great experience"

Advantages:"The crew is attentive and friendly. The seats are laid flat."

Disadvantages:"Food is mediocre at best. Seats are tight."

Advantages:“The food selection and quantity was wonderful! The crew and film selection were great!”

Disadvantages:"My seat compartment was broken and I couldn't put items in it."

Disadvantages:“We missed our flight because Lufthansa used stroller stairs to get off the plane instead as I had my 89 year old mother who needed wheelchair assistance which she did not have at the time. And with my heavy hand luggage , plus my luggage under the seat that I had to accommodate, my elderly mother that I had to walk to the bus With quite a good distance that took us another 10 minutes to the terminal until we got to the connecting gate to Berlin, the plane rolled out to the runway. Now they have to send us to the next flight that was at a different gate. Overall, this trip left me very disappointed and horrible."

Advantages:"The flight was smooth and arrived early despite departing 30 minutes late."

Disadvantages:"Lufthansa should plan more time for the connection."

Advantages:"Everything was great. The crew could not have been friendlier or more accommodating. It was a very pleasant experience."

Advantages:"Thank you for continuing to offer complimentary hot meals on your international flights! The crew was very friendly.

Disadvantages:“Long flight, bathrooms look ugly. The incoming plane landed way out on the tarmac, forcing passengers to pack everyone onto the shuttle bus, which took a long time to get to the terminal.”

Disadvantages:"Waited an hour after boarding the plane."

Advantages:"On time flight without problems"

Disadvantages:"Uncomfortable seats, so hard to sleep during flight"

Disadvantages:"I hated that the plane didn't wait for me as I've been to a lot of airlines that have waited 5-10 minutes for this type of thing to be fixed. Luckily Lufthansa and United booked me on a plane that departed 5 hours later. They even bought me a 10 euro lunch. :) A pass for the Luftanhsa lounge would have been a good show too. I asked for it but was kindly declined. The helpdesk was friendly, which I really appreciated. I had quite a row to myself on the United flight to DC which also softened the blow but the flight from IAD to Munich was great (2-28-18)"

Advantages:"Can't even mention one thing that was good - they were upfront on arrival which is good - but it took 2 hours for luggage to be delivered and some items arrived after midnight the next day! Terrible"


Advantages:"Clean. Friendly staff"

Advantages:"It was quick and smooth. Snack provided. Luggage arrived quickly."

Advantages:"The crew was more helpful than the transatlantic flight."

Disadvantages:"My place. It was just behind first class and when the crew rushed to serve them they threw the dividing curtain in my face as I sat in the corridor. It was so frequent that I couldn't sleep and the passenger did the same."


Advantages:"As above"



Advantages:“The flight attendants were always friendly and attentive. No comparison to some other airlines I've flown with. The food was excellent and so was the entertainment.

Disadvantages:"The seats are very close together, so I had to ask him not to do it if the person in front of me moved their seat backwards."

Advantages:"Fixed connection established. Slept the whole trip"

Advantages:"It was OK"

Disadvantages:"Two flights were both delayed. Had to walk to the gate. Baggage delayed."

Advantages:"Regardless of the delay, the company feeds us sandwiches and snacks to pass the time"

Disadvantages:"The only thing I didn't like was that I wanted to see the baby movie The Boss and it wasn't available. All other films were fine.”

Advantages:“I think it's great that the connecting flight didn't go via Lufthansa. Because the original flight was delayed for so long, I had to fly home on another airline.”

Disadvantages:"That Lufthansa didn't really get me on my connecting flight. That's what I didn't like about this flight: that it didn't happen."

Advantages:"Good flight."

Disadvantages:"Delayed flight."

Advantages:"The Lufthansa helpdesk solved the problems with tickets and boarding passes fairly quickly."

Disadvantages:"That it was still necessary to use the helpdesk to get a boarding pass, even though they were absolutely professional and solved the problem."

Advantages:"Convenient, on time and overall enjoyable."

Disadvantages:"N / A"

Disadvantages:"A member of the boarding crew in Bucharest, a younger bearded man with glasses, was extremely rude to my husband. Boarding started a little late and I had to run to the ladies' room. The ladies restroom was crowded and housekeeping was frustrated with the mess left by some ladies. In the meantime, my husband was approached by the crew member described above. When my husband told the crew member that I was in the toilet, the crew member started yelling at my husband and saying "I don't care, call her, you'll be late". When I finally arrived there were 2 couples left behind us. There were also people waiting at the door of the plane to board and find their seats. We were not late. The crew member was completely unprofessional in the way he approached my husband, the tone of his voice and his comments. My husband doesn't speak Romanian and he told me about the incident while taking me to the plane. I couldn't go back and get the crew member's name."

Disadvantages:"I didn't like missing my flight"

Advantages:"Overall food and service"


Advantages:"Nothing, really nothing"

Disadvantages:"I've really never had so little space!!!"

Advantages:"Crew was extremely friendly! Large selection of the latest films. Toilets were always kept clean."

Disadvantages:"Terrible food: oversalted and 'mystery meat' for lunch; just a small slice of mild cheese pizza for dinner and that's it. I suggest taking a small bottle of water with you on a long flight instead of a small cup to drink between the two meal times I felt dehydrated during the flight (couldn't buy a bottle of water beforehand) and didn't want to keep yelling at the flight attendants."

Disadvantages:“Sat near and next to me were about 9 German men who had started their Colorado vacation in the airport bar before the flight. I sat in a middle seat "J" (I think) in row 37 or 39. The men were repeatedly given two glasses at a time by the stewardesses and kept going back to the galley and given two glasses of wine at a time. Although they were noisy and congregated in the aisle around rows 37 and 39, they were not restricted as to what they could drink.. The two on either side of me did not respect my personal space and were very inappropriate. I got up and went into the galley behind my seat to ask the stewardesses to get me another seat. During this time, the boys kept coming back to the caboose for more wine, still two at a time. The stewardesses explained that the plane was full. Others also complained. I then asked the stewardesses if they would swap one of their jump seats with me as they overtaxed these guys. At that point they cut off the boys and got the Pursar. She spoke to them and ignored my personal safety concerns and said that no one gets on a plane drunk (yes, right) and that they would now behave and go to sleep. That's why they're still talking loudly and standing in the aisle? I asked. I wish I had videoed this, I didn't like others with kids in the aisles across from me. I hope her videos go viral Not impressed with Lufthansa"

Disadvantages:“The crew's service was ok but their attitude was terrible. It seems they don't want to work.”

Advantages:"Flight attendants were polite and there were two meals."

Disadvantages:“The flight was full and the seats were extremely close together with little space. When the person leaned back in front of me, I had no space and it was difficult to see the cinema screen.”

Advantages:"The same as above"

Disadvantages:"The same as above"

Advantages:"It was a decent train ride."

Disadvantages:"To say that it's a train from the start and doesn't have to go from one station to another."

Advantages:"The Rest Area"

Disadvantages:"The airport was cold and it should be warmer"

Advantages:"More legroom"


Advantages:"The crew was ok but nothing special."

Disadvantages:“Air France should not sell tickets for which connecting flights are almost impossible to catch. My baggage was not transferred to my connecting flight. I had to run to catch the flight to Bucharest. At CDC there were only two customs officers for passport control of EU citizens on a Saturday morning with hundreds upon hundreds of travelers arriving. In addition, one officer was rude. Typically French :("


Disadvantages:"They have a terrible communication problem, they never shared why the flight was delayed, they never shared what they were doing or what was happening. Bad customer service. Bad communication with the customer. They told us when I asked several times that we would not lose our connection and that everything was fine and that was not the case. We lost the connection. Nobody told us anything. Another problem was that in the boarding process the girl removed the suitcase tickets from the boarding pass and didn't want to return them and hold them back for no reason. Without these tickets we cannot claim the bags. The flight crew was looking for us. Pretty sad and disappointed with their service. I understand they were causes outside of the airline but need to communicate them to the customer. You cannot be silent and say nothing.”


Disadvantages:"everything is to be checked!"

Disadvantages:“Too much time spent boarding. Luggage is missing.”

Disadvantages:"Baggage drop was stressful"


Disadvantages:“Two hours late meant we missed our connection. Then we got a very late flight and had to haggle forever for an earlier flight, saying we should pay extra for it!”

Disadvantages:"It was a great trip, thanks Air France"

Advantages:"The crew was very gentle."

Disadvantages:"No entertainment on the plane."

Advantages:"The staff...the attention...the food."

Advantages:“The staff was very helpful and professional. The stewardesses checked regularly to make sure I was ok and expressed concern when I wasn't. They made what seemed a dire situation bearable.”

Disadvantages:"The food was not very good and the requested option was gone. The entertainment was faulty and had to be reset several times. The comfort was below average and needs improvement."

Advantages:"Crew was nice, too short flight to find out more"

Disadvantages:"No chance to try. Cannot select special food on short notice flights and snacks are not vegan.”

Advantages:"1. The flight attendant staff was very polite and cheerful. 2. The plane was clean and comfortable.”

Disadvantages:"1. The entertainment monitor didn't work well enough to see anything. 2. The headset only worked in one ear. 3. You couldn't hear the PA system."

Advantages:“Short flight so can't really complain. It was no frills, a standard light aircraft with no high-tech entertainment system. The seats were quite comfortable.”

Advantages:"Legroom was great, food was delicious, alcohol was served 3-4 times and the inflight entertainment was spectacular. I watched 4 movies and slept reasonably comfortably once!"

Disadvantages:"No leg room. No food (snacks only). Very high temperature on the plane. Flight delayed 45 minutes."

Advantages:"The food was good, the crew was very professional and polite. The flight was smooth."

Disadvantages:"The trainer was tight and the video system didn't work very well"

Advantages:"Flight crew, pilot, food and entertainment options were great"

Disadvantages:"The luggage took a while to reach the baggage claim but maybe a bit impatient after a long day."

Disadvantages:"The plane took off more than 40 minutes late with no explanation or apology."

Advantages:"I like flight attendant who served us the food"

Disadvantages:"I didn't like that the distance between the seats is small"

Advantages:"The crew was very friendly and professional. The food was very good"

Disadvantages:"First the plane was delayed due to a technical issue which I think they should check before the plane was overcrowded and old."

Advantages:"Priority boarding with children"

Disadvantages:"Nothing special like easyJet or Rayanair"


Disadvantages:"They were unfriendly and impolite."

Advantages:"The Space and the People"


Advantages:"Very poor sound quality on the headphones. Makes it very difficult to watch a movie and almost impossible to listen to music.”

Advantages:"Nothing special"

Disadvantages:"Nothing special"


Disadvantages:"The airlines didn't even notify the passengers with the connecting flight. Due to the slight delay in arrival, all passengers missed their connecting flights in Toronto and there was no notification or notification of the new flight. When I went to the Air France counter at the airport, the staff was gone for the day and trying to reach the phone clerk took 2-3 hours, and by the time I found out about my new connection I was already late to the terminal 1 and when I talked to the lady (Indian woman) at the check-in counter, she refused me to check-in because I moved the queue.People in the queue didn't mind and let me go to the check-in first In as I am already late for my flight. I want to tell her something, but I've got my frustration under control. Luckily, the other person at the check-in desk offered to help me check-in. Here's my word to the Indian staff member "F**k You B***h" - learn some people skills."

Advantages:"Missed connection and it was the airport, not Delta, that was the problem. Not a good way to start a holiday. Review is for Paris airport, not flight crew or Air France staff. Still sitting at airport, when we should be with us goal."

Disadvantages:“Hundreds of people missed their flights. Delta got us to Paris with an hour and a half until the connecting flight. Missed flight due to huge delay in passport approval. They seemed totally unprepared.”

Advantages:"Arrived on time"

Disadvantages:"cattle lodging"

Advantages:"1) USB charger and power socket 2) Availability of 2 economy seats transverse (extra charge) 3) Vegetarian dinner option available and not bad 4) Flight arrived on time"

Disadvantages:"1) No WiFi on board 2) Limited seating - very thin 3) 45 minutes delay at takeoff"

Advantages:“The staff was responsive, effective and pleasant; also a nice selection of digestifs. The food was decent and even good by airline standards.”

Disadvantages:"The audio system is dated with an unreliable touchscreen that makes navigating frustrating."

Advantages:“Premium Economy in AF Boeing 777 on this route is not 'a little less than business' but rather 'a little more than economy'. Pitch. Good screens and entertainment.”

Disadvantages:"For the main meal, AF only serves 'regular wine'. That looks cheap and tastes cheap. On the same route and class, Vietnam Airlines serves premium wines, a nice touch that wouldn't cost AF a fortune! Also the 'Asian' choice for that." Main dish didn't look or taste like the real thing."

Advantages:"Chicako Paris is great, polite staff, arrived on time."


Disadvantages:"The food was not good."

Advantages:"Nice team, clean toilets"

Disadvantages:“It's an a380, stains everywhere, narrow aisles between seats even for business travellers, chaos at CDG, no clear lines, ground crew yells at passengers, food selection good but big gap between description and reality, in JFK we waited 30 minutes , because the berth was too narrow for the captain, sky priority? The economy got their bags before the 1st and business.

Disadvantages:"I was forced to rebook my 3rd leg after catching trains in the middle."

Advantages:“Cabin crew and food selection were top notch”

Disadvantages:"The seat configuration as a first class ticket was terrible. The same configuration as economy class but if the middle seat was left empty this became first class. I'm 1.80m tall and missed the legroom ..."

Advantages:"Crew was wonderfully helpful, pleasant, capable"

Disadvantages:"Waiting for delayed passengers and their luggage"

Advantages:"Cookies were great"

Disadvantages:“We paid for two seats together (one aisle and one in the middle) in an exit row with extra legroom from Paris to LA in another part of the plane, also in the middle row. The people in Prague couldn't fix it, they moved a ticket to another exit row, not together, to another part of the plane. In Paris but ONLY after I found my receipt on my phone they took us to the places we paid for."

Advantages:"Movies were great, saw a lot of them, food although nothing special, at least tasty and not inedible. Staff were great, friendly, welcoming, hard working, loved being able to have wine and snacks ."

Disadvantages:“We paid for the exit row and had a luxurious amount of space. But when we tried to sleep, our fellow passengers came and stood at our feet and talked so loud that it was impossible for us to sleep. They stayed more than an hour. Would have loved if staff maybe asked them to tone it down if not move.

Advantages:“Boarding was quick and efficient. The flight attendant staff was friendly and very accommodating.”

Disadvantages:“The choice of vegetarian dishes is too limited. The availability of snacks and drinks on long flights like this is too low.”

Advantages:"The plane was new, good food and service."

Advantages:"Pleasant staff."

Disadvantages:“I sat next to an overweight woman and felt incredibly uncomfortable throughout the flight. There needs to be better regulation for overweight passengers to ensure every passenger has enough space.”

Advantages:"Professional and helpful crew."

Disadvantages:"Food - two meals, one 'Hot Pocket' item each. Was not good. Noise level in the rear of the plane from engines, very loud. Difficult to hear with headphones, volume very, very high. Tray table was difficult to lock, tilt function of the seat didn't stay in place, bounced off."

Advantages:"Friendly crew, this is just a shuttle service. Not much to write"

Disadvantages:"They didn't fill my water bottle, they gave me two plastic cups instead..."

Advantages:"Leaved on time and had above average cabin service."

Disadvantages:"My luggage wasn't put on the plane, so I was left with no luggage."

Advantages:"seating comfort"

Disadvantages:"2 hours late, even tea has to be paid for"

Advantages:"It was good overall, basically on time and comfortable"

Disadvantages:"It took quite a while to take off, although we basically arrived on time"

Advantages:"They kept us informed throughout the process"

Disadvantages:"I could have been seated next to my 13 year old and didn't get my seat reservation when I got on the plane."

Advantages:"My last reply should have mentioned that the airline I was referring to was Loganair and not British Airways. Complimentary coffee and a Tunnocks biscuit.”

Advantages:"The crew was great and we left and arrived a bit early which was nice"

Disadvantages:"The in-flight magazines and security cards were torn and damaged. Not a good look for the flag bearer"

Advantages:"Fast boarding, good flight, enough personal space in Business Class"

Disadvantages:"I wish the passengers would sit until the seat belt signs went off and not all jump up and open the trash cans they missed and drop things."

Advantages:"Crew Merry"

Disadvantages:"Out of their control. Flight delayed by 50 minutes.”

Advantages:"The flight crew was good at keeping guests informed. The plane was clean. The crew were polite."

Disadvantages:“The boarding process felt like Ryanair or Easyjet. The crew kept the lights on full brightness even though it's a night flight, which made it difficult to relax."

Disadvantages:"There was a mechanical failure that kept us on board the plane for almost 3 hours in 20 minute increments until we had to change planes."

Disadvantages:“I was unable to book luggage with BA before arriving at the airport. Because of this, I had to reckon with an additional fee. I tried calling Apparently because I booked through a third party book an extra bag but just redirected me to BA! Shame. So many other issues like 2 hours flight delay then another 2 hours for luggage to come out.

Advantages:"leave the plane"

Disadvantages:"Entrance to a disaster. Flight delayed because crew had to unload hand luggage for 10 minutes. This should have been done at check-in or at the gate. Seat comfort far beyond a joke and they call themselves a premium airline 4!!!! In earnest!!! Arrived at Heathrow, broken pier and more delays."

Advantages:"Get on and leave on time."

Disadvantages:"Nothing to Like"

Advantages:"Typical BA efficiency."

Disadvantages:"What is the difference between BA and EasyJet?"

Advantages:"On time, all the staff were nice at the terminals and on the plane"

Disadvantages:"all stolen"

Advantages:"The captain was very apologetic and the crew was friendly."

Disadvantages:“The flight was delayed an hour meaning we arrived almost midnight and for me and a few other people their electronic boarding passes were not working properly. I was refused at the departure gate and asked to go to the British Airways counter to get a paper boarding pass printed out. I've also seen a few other people with British Airways electronic boarding passes having similar problems."

Disadvantages:“We were a little over an hour late”

Disadvantages:"Too hot, was supposed to arrive 5 minutes early but arrived 15 minutes late as we sat on the catwalk with no air conditioning for about half an hour."

Disadvantages:"30 minutes late"

Advantages:"Boarding was quick, staff friendly, safety info on screen so it was easy to follow."

Disadvantages:"We were 30 minutes late, weren't given any information as to why we left late and why we flew in circles over London...I would have understood if I had known the reason."

Advantages:"No entertainment on the flight"

Advantages:"very professional and classy cabin crew. The captain had excellent communication skills and it was a smooth flight"

Advantages:"Good flight. Friendly crew members. We checked our carry-on bags because the flight was full and the flight attendants said they didn't have room for all the bags. Baggage control was very easy and we were allowed to board the plane first.”

Advantages:"Professional crew, comfortable seats with ample legroom"

Disadvantages:"No drink without pay, extra baggage charge, no jetway at Heathrow (bus to plane)"

Advantages:"Very good plane!"

Advantages:“All BA staff were professional, friendly and helpful. My seat had more leg room than I expected (after flying from Seattle to Heathrow where my knees were jammed against the seat in front of me.”

Disadvantages:"I was frustrated that I had to pay for either a cup of coffee or water. As all healthcare providers recommend drinking water on a flight to stay hydrated and healthy, a complimentary bottle of water would have aided a healthy journey. After a short layover at Heathrow I didn't have time to fill my own water bottle."

Advantages:"Helpful and courteous crew"

Disadvantages:"N / A"

Advantages:"Busy flight but still excellent courteous service from all staff."

Advantages:"On time, friendly crew"

Advantages:"flight great as always"

Disadvantages:"Due to the delay, I missed two meetings"

Advantages:"I'm glad the flight was gone!"

Disadvantages:“We sat in the back of the plane on all flights”

Advantages:"The crew was amazing."


Advantages:"The best thing about traveling from Stuttgart to London is the speed of getting through Stuttgart Airport - no queues and very efficient. And the fact that it's a jet (my preference over turboprops)."

Disadvantages:"No entertainment connections. Not even free coffee, tea or soda. Very unfussy. Even a small bottle of water and wet wipes would have been better than nothing. Hardly any interaction with the crew.”



Advantages:"The cabin crew was amazing...I didn't mind that things were delayed."

Disadvantages:"Price & food not so good."

Disadvantages:"It would be nice to have a complimentary juice or soft drink on this flight. They only offer free water and then you have to ask for it.”

Disadvantages:"The bag didn't make it, and then the return system doesn't work as it should."

Disadvantages:"I made the mistake of buying a ticket with no checked baggage - they charged me more to check my baggage than the ticket (£65). How are they getting away with it? Many passengers had so much carry-on luggage weighed as much as my luggage, but I have to pay a huge fee. Plus additional seat selection fees and not even a glass of water on the flight. Last time I chose British Airlines.”

Advantages:"The post immigration BA agent did a great job getting us on the next flight which saved us from losing our entire vacation."

Disadvantages:“The luggage took 45 minutes to arrive, then we were only able to get our rental car thanks to an extremely helpful Europcar agent. Otherwise we would have been stranded at Glasgow Airport overnight and lost our hotel reservation.”

Advantages:"Very attentive, friendly caring"

Advantages:"I came to Glasgow"

Disadvantages:"Bus boarding, late, expensive, baggage fee, no drink."

Advantages:"I like the comfort of the BA aircraft even for such a short flight, the efficient and quick service."

Disadvantages:“Too bad the service no longer includes a free snack/drink, especially since the prices haven't changed. Does not encourage brand loyalty although sadly BA has a monopoly on this route.”


Disadvantages:"British Airways' carrier, American Airlines, was not clearly notified on tickets/boarding passes/itinerary, nor was there any communication between the airlines. So when I checked in with British Airways, I didn't get any help to expedite my check-in with American. It was confusing and nobody was helpful and turned around instead. Every interaction I had with American, whether it was boarding passes for my connecting flight, my five and a half hour delay, or seating, I felt unimportant and disrespected. I will not use the airline or the kayak again.


Disadvantages:"Late as always"

Advantages:"Nothing, I felt like I was in the 80s"

Disadvantages:“Old plane, didn't have a USB cable port, no TV in the back of each seat, no wifi. Flight from Philadelphia 5 days ago had it all.”

Disadvantages:"Not really friendly. Nothing to drink. My chair was broken so I couldn't really sit back."

Advantages:“After a slight delay, the crew quickly got everyone on board and we disembarked, making up for some of the lost time. A real "smooth landing" by the pilot (I didn't know we were down until he hit the brakes).»

Advantages:"Clean and comfortable"

Disadvantages:"Nothing free, no screens on exit row seats"

Advantages:"Very good"

Disadvantages:"Everything was excellent"


Disadvantages:"very busy no free tea coffee."

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