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Cologne city guide for bachelor parties

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Located in western Germany, Cologne is the fourth largest city in the country, after Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, with a population of just over 1 million. The city's skyline is dominated by its stunning Dom, Cologne's number one tourist attraction, which dates back to 1248. The city's cable car was the first to cross a river in Europe, allowing you to take in stunning panoramic views and other landmarks like the Hohenzollern Bridge. As we explain below, Cologne is a great city to party and if you're in town in February don't miss the fantastic costumes and floatsKölle-Alaaf-Fest.

Flight to Cologne

Cologne bachelor party | pissup bachelor parties | Eurohirsch experts (2)

Seats aboard a direct Ryanair flight start from just £40 round trip from London Stagnated, although there are also stagnated(direct flightsfrom Edinburgh and Manchester. Easyjet and German Wings also make the daily service from Gatwick and Heathrow respectively. Not only are the seats cheap, but the flight takes just over an hour!

Cologne is in the extreme west of Germany and in the summer it gets steadygood weather. With averages of 18 in July and August and highs of 23 - sure if you want a bit of a tan then this is the time. May and June are also decent with highs of 18 and 21 respectively.

Our recommendations for Cologne bachelor parties

Cologne is a great city to party. But don't spend all your time here in the bars and nightclubs - the city has a lot more to offer. A visit to the home of FC Köln to get a taste of the famous Bundesliga atmosphere is a must for all football fans. The boat tour is also highly recommended. Alternatively, if you want to see the sights of the city from land then our sightseeing is definitely for you.

With such a wide range of bars and pubs to choose from, make sure you take advantage of our local expertise to save time looking for the best spots. Why not warm up with a visit to a local beer hall before letting our local guides navigate you around on a pub crawl before hitting a nightclub or strip club.

Bachelor Party in Cologne - Babes & Bruises!

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A Cologne bachelorette party wouldn't be complete without a bit of female meat! The city's cathedral isn't the only beautiful sight in this city and we'll take you to the bestStrip-Clubswhere only the hottest girls dance.

Want to make sure the groom leaves Cologne reasonably (but not totally) devastated? Well, take him to onePaintball outdoorsafternoon and make sure you give him good bruises! If you're not that vengeful and want to encourage a little team spirit, give it a tryRafting, where you and the boys paddle through the choppy waters of the Rhine - hope you all stay safe on board!

For a combination of team spirit and good old-fashioned competition book oursbubble footballActivity - lots of laughs guaranteed. This is perfect for guys who fancy a kick with a twist. You'll all be dressed up in sumo-style suits and then you'll get to play a classic game of soccer, but with a serious handicap! Trust us, it won't be long before you're literally rolling on the floor laughing. If you want a more traditional gameFootball five playerswe also offer that. And why not top off this football-mad weekend with a trip to FC Köln stadium for a guided tour?Stadiontour.We have everything for boys who love the beautiful game! Check out more ideas for things to do in Cologne here.

Cool chillout in Cologne with a beer

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On your bachelor weekend in Cologne it's not just about party, party, party. Well ok itIs- but sometimes you just have to get out of the bar and soak up some of the culture. And luckily, “culture” means beer in Cologne! There are many opportunities to try the famous Cologne breweries and their local dropsKolsch. We offer a tour of some of the best in townbeer gardens!

If you want to see the stunning sights of this city in a more unorthodox way, you can rent our beer bike. Enjoy Cologne's amazing beauty on a bike that up to six of you can climb on. We'll outfit you with a local English-speaking guide while making two pit stops to quench your thirst.

What if you just want to sit back and relax after a hard night of partying with Pissup? Go toWellness-Spaand well, get well! Okay, jokes aside, it's good to wean off the booze for a bit when you're on a bachelorette party weekend, especially during the day. Save the early evening for dog hair and relax in a sauna and sweat out those toxins. Likewise, if you want to do a bit of sightseeing but don't want to do big hikes around the city, then ariver tripmaybe just right for you. Sail up the Rhine and see the city of Cologne from the best angles. and for those of you in need of "refreshing" drinks and snacks, they're on board.

Nightlife-Action in Köln

Cologne bachelor party | pissup bachelor parties | Eurohirsch experts (5)

Similar to his big brother Berlin,Nightlife in Cologneis exciting, varied and colourful. Whether you're a fan of the electro scene or like to rock out to the latest indie bands, Cologne has got you covered. If you're smart, invest in one of our English speaking bar guides who will take you to the best hangouts in town. If you're not that smart, go to what the locals call "dieFinancial support" (The ring) running awayFriesenplatzToBarbarossaplatzsquares. Alternatively find some of the other best nightlife in and around theZülpicherStreetAndLuxemburg streetStreets full of pubs, cocktail bars and nightclubs.

A night out in Cologne is going to be a wild ride, but you'll want to make sure your troops are well fed before they start hitting the beers in earnest. Eating may be cheating, but you need some good food inside you if you want to be the last man standing. But since it's pissup, not only do we have nice restaurant reservations up our sleeves, we have to throw in strippers too! Book oursMeal and enjoy a big meal full of delicious red meat and enjoy a different kind of (sexy) meat for dessert!

When you finally reach the city's bars and clubs, you'll want to go to the best places with the liveliest atmosphere, especially on your first night. This is where our bar crawl comes into play. We'll pair you with a fun, outgoing local guide to take you through the city's best nightspots. This way you avoid pubs with overpriced drinks. Just tell them what kind of place you are looking for and they will take you to the places you want to visit. Sorted! And why not include entry to the nightclub and enjoy onePub Crawl and Clubbing - Private Tour.In this way your wholeNightwill be organized for you... as we like to say: We think you're drinking.

Information and tips for traveling to Cologne


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