Easy and Classic Rock Ukulele Songs: Top 15 Ukulele Reviews (2023)

Easy and Classic Rock Ukulele Songs: Top 15 Ukulele Reviews (1)

Sometimes all you think about is rocking your brain. They're looking for some rock songs for that purpose. That's why we've also come up with some rock ukulele songs for you. Now you might be wondering if it's possible with a ukulele, but we're going to say why not.

In fact, with the advent of steel-string electric ukuleles, what was originally possible with a mini electric guitar, it's easy to play songs like punk, metal, grunge, pop-rock, and other heavy genres with ukuleles.

It's even possible to cover rock songs if you have a basic acoustic ukulele and if you have a clear head and some clever insights.

However, we have collected some easy and classic rock ukulele songs for you to play on the ukulele here.

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Top 15 Best Ukulele Rock Songs

1. "What's Up" by four non-blondes

Chords for this song:A, B, D

About 29 years ago, 4 Non-Blondes released their classic rock song "What's Up" in 1993, and the song has reached a new hits milestone.

The lyrics of the song rightly do not show the title, but the sentence "What's going on?". mainly performed in the choir.

Surprisingly, you can play this simple rock ukulele song with just 3 chords like A, Bm and D. So, grab your ukulele and start learning this popular rock song.


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2. "All Over the Watchtower" by Bob Dylan/Hendrix

Chords for this song:Am, G, F

“All Along the Watchtower” is one of our favorite rock ukulele songs out of all the songs we recommend beginners play. The song's descending/ascending chord progression with a minor mood seems like a total win.

Dylan sang this song in concert compared to all his other songs. The track is also available in four different versions.

If you don't try this song before, it will be an excellent tune for you to start with. Also 3 chords are no problem to continue your task.


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3. „I Won’t Back Down“ von Tom Petty und The Heartbreakers

Chords for this song:Em, D, G, ALT

Not including Tom Petty's songs in the classic rock song list suggests an incomplete list in my opinion.

Its rock-solid lyrics and catchy melodies, combined with functional, simple musical instruments, make it easy to play a believable version of "I Won't Back Down" on your ukulele.

This song runs with a simple chord progression. It's a fantastic starter song if you already have an idea of ​​how to use em chords.

Changing the position of the unconventional cord is the hardest part. Keep your practice along with the recording as long as you can't.


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4. "Come as you are" by Nirvana

Chords for this song:Em, D, G, A, C

It describes the stamina of the legendary band As You Are and is a suitable song to soothe yourself.

Playing this song on the ukulele loses some of its sharp edges but retains a subtle, exciting tone ideal for restless nights and rainy mornings.

This track has an alternative rock feature lasting three minutes and thirty-eight seconds. Its compositional feature is in the key of E minor with a heavy rock tempo of 120 beats per minute.

You can try to get used to it if you haven't before.


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5. "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" by U2

Chords for this song:C, F, G

The song explains the impact of gospel music and its lyrics emphasize spiritual aspirations.

This song is the perfect choice for jam sessions. Therefore, include this song in your 3-chord song list. It's very easy and fun.


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6. "21 Guns" by Green Day

Chords for this song:Dm, A#, F, C, D, A, A#m, E

"21 Guns," a song by American rock band Green Day, was released in 2009. This song explores the theme of patriotism in a rock 'n' roll arena of sorts.

There are many chords in this song. So beginners can seem tiresome. Of course, once it's possible to master, it becomes easy.

If this song isn't already in your collection, collect it. Then start practicing and keep going until you get used to it.


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7. „Everlong“ von Foo Fighters

Chords for this song:D, Bm, G, Db, E, F#, A

If you're looking for a rock song that's a little hard, "Everlong" may be your go-to song. In reality, it's difficult enough to include this song in our list of rock ukulele songs so far.

Foo Fighters released this song in 1997. To play the ukulele you need a lot of chords. So if you are longing to learn this song, you need to start carefully and practice step by step.

In order for your efforts to be successful, we have included a tutorial below. Follow him if necessary.


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8. „Down on the Corner“ von Credence Clearwater Revival

Chords for this song:C, G, F

"Down on the Corner" by Creedence Clearwater Revival on the Willy and the Poor Boys studio album was released in 1969. It's another easy rock ukulele song.

The lyrics tell the story of the fictional band Willy and the Poor Boys and their playing on street corners to encourage people and ask for nickels.

Three chords like C, G and F are enough to strum on the ukulele. So all classes of players can strive to get involved.


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9. „Paint It Black“ von den Rolling Stones

Chords for this song:Em, B7, D, G, B, A, Bm

It might seem a bit strange to hear "Paint it Black" without Brian Jones' iconic playing of the sitar. Nevertheless, you can be sure that the song is excellent enough to listen to on the ukulele.

Rightly so, this song features the same recurring chords, but you'll find exciting changes in speed. Ukulele lovers of all skill levels keep their ukulele rock song pick lists.

It may take several chords to play it, but you can do it if you have patience.


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10. "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie

Chords for this song:D, A, G, C, F

A duet by legends Queen and David Bowie is "Under Pressure", although it was first released as a single in October 1981. Many narrated it as poignant and powerful pop songs.

It's a winning song to play the ukulele when you're going through a tough time in life.

It's a 5 chord song, which could be something for new players. Hence, proper practice is essential to master it.


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11. „Should I Stay or Should I Go“ von The Clash

Chords for this song:D, G, F, A

English punk rock band The Clash brought their 1982 album Combat Rock "Should I Stay or Should I Go" to audiences.

There are several rumors about the content of the song, such as Jones' impending exit from the Clash or the tense personal relationship between Jones and the American singer Ellen Foley.

You can start playing your ukulele. Simulate the power and dramatic breaks of The Clash, too, and you'll soon be feeling like a rock star.


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12. "All the Little Things" - Blink 182

Chords for this song:C, G, F

"All the Small Things" became a huge hit after its release in 2000. Delonge wrote the track for his then-girlfriend Jennifer Jenkins. But you don't have to think that it's just a love letter to Jennifer.

The chord progression for the song is C major, F and G, which is very familiar. So this song is totally beginner friendly. A player beginning to play the ukulele can try leaning against this tune.


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13. "Eleanor Rigby" by The Beatles

Chords for this song:C, Em, Em7, Em6

"Eleanor Rigby" sustained the Beatles' transition from a predominantly rock 'n' roll and pop-based performance to a more experimental studio band.

This song describes the sad story of early death and features an instrument of its own - in this case the violin instead of the sitar.

This doesn't make this track any less suitable for a ukulele. Also, there's a dark side of the ukulele that doesn't find enough punch in the song's haunted, sharp chords.


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14. "Octopus's Garden" by the Beatles

Chords for this song:C, F, Am, G

One of Ringo's flawless creations with the Beatles is Octopus's Garden, a surprisingly fun and well-composed song. The song penetrates deep into your consciousness as you play it because it is peaceful.

Players need 4 chords to play this song. Overall, this track is suitable for playing the ukulele, including short sections, rhythmic breaks, jamming and creating variations.


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15. „Space Oddity“ von David Bowie

Chords for this song:F, Em, C, Am, D, E, Fm, Bb, G, A

One of David Bowie's earliest and most notable songs is "Space Oddity." A tragic lyric about an astronaut who encounters technical problems in space.

There are many chords in this track to play. These chords can create an atmosphere of insecurity and guarantee your coolness. To be honest, it's a bit awkward to play this song without passion.


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More rock songs to play on the ukulele

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