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Chocolate, beer, sightseeing and a nightlife to rival the capital... sounds pretty good for a bachelor party destination to us. Welcome to the Cologne lineup!

With more bars and clubs per inhabitant than any other German city, we think Cologne is ready to provide bachelorette parties with unforgettable nights!

A 2,000-year-old city on the Rhine in western Germany that's a landmark of High Gothic architecture might not sound like a prime bachelorette party destination, but trust us, Cologne is ready to deliver.

With all the bachelor party favorites like paintball and karting for the day and some ultimate nights out, Cologne for a bachelorette party is not to be missed.

Here is our bachelorette party guide for Cologne!

Take a bachelor party cruise on the Rhine

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It would be an absolute shame to visit this beautiful city without seeing it from a boat on the Rhine.

So rule number one at a bachelor party in Cologne is to get in the water. A cruise lets you see all of Cologne's famous landmarks, including the twin towers of Cologne Cathedral, the picturesque buildings of the old town, and the Hohenzollern Bridge. While you relax with one of the great German beers!

Better yet, thisParty boat with unlimited drinksActivity comes with, yes, unlimited drinks, but it also starts in the evening and ends with entry into one of the best clubs in town. So if you're all in the mood for a Rhine cruise but don't want to miss any booze time, this party boat with unlimited drinks is the cruise for you!

Top Cologne bachelor party activities

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If sightseeing, art and culture aren't your thing for your stag do, then fear not...

Cologne bachelor party activities include all the bachelor party favorites like paintball and karting, plus some German extras like escape rooms, football match tickets and brewery tours.

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Not that we want to pick favourites, all things to do in Cologne are great...

But we have a few that make the list high, including theMini-Bierrad.

Forget sightseeing on foot, the real way to go sightseeing during your bachelorette party in Cologne is with this Mini Beer Bike. Perfect for the smaller bachelor party that doesn't want to miss out on fun and action.

So booze, cruise and enjoy some top sights during your bachelorette party with this pub on wheels...

Don't worry about the driving, that's left to the sober driver, all you have to do is drink, peddle and have fun, the perfect activity for your bachelorette party in Cologne.

The Mini Beer Bike seats up to 9 people and includes a 2-hour ride, a sober driver, 30 cans of beer, and a downtown tour.

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And since we have a favourite, we might as well have a second...

And it is hersmash carActivity!

At your bachelorette party in Cologne, you and the boys can enjoy destroying a car with all your might without suffering any consequences.

Car smash will see you loaded with different weapons to smash, smash and smash a car. Some sort of anger management, we can't recommend it highly enough, especially for the guys who have done it all before.

Other popular bachelor party activities in Cologne include combat archery, rafting, mini golf and laser tag.

Lock that love onto the Love-Lock Bridge

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Forget Paris, Cologne has its own love lock bridge, the Hohenzollern Bridge, where hopeless romantics converge to padlock the bridge railing.

It probably isn't high on the bachelorette party list, but we think it would rack up brownie points with the bride-to-be, and that's reason enough for us!

Snap some pics, tag them on Insta and be forgiven for future mistakes, strippers or big nights...

Now to the most important...

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Although Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany, it likes to compete with the big boys for your bachelorette party. With more than 70 clubs and party hotspots, no other German city has as many pubs per capita as Cologne, so the possibilities for a great night out are endless.

From reggae, jazz, party and techno to R&B, there is something for everyone.

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Just like with our daytime activities, we have a few favorites when it comes to nightlife and to really enjoy what's on offer...

A favorite, not just in Cologne but at all of our bachelorette party locations, is a guided pub crawl with club entry.

That being said, Cologne has no shortage of top-notch pubs to visit during your bachelorette party, in fact there are enough to keep you busy all weekend. But with so much on offer it can be difficult to know what is top notch and what is a dive, so let our lovely English speaking guide take you to the best of them.

After visiting three or four bars, end your night at a top-notch nightclub where you can keep your bachelorette parties going as long as you can stand!

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There are two things every bachelor must do in Cologne and that is lots of beer and lots of beautiful women!

And that's exactly what you and the boys get with oursincluding offer!

Don't risk ending up in a pub or anywhere where the girls are less than impressive, you'll be sorted out with entry to one of Cologne's top strip clubs where the girls are guaranteed to impress, as is the unlimited booze!

Some other nightlife activities include a Limo Tour with the Strip, Party Bus, Dinner & Strip, and a Hummy City Tour & Strip.

To make sure you and the boys really have the best night, we can also organize both strip club entry and VIP club entry with table and bottles or just club entry to a top club.

Some important information you should know for your bachelor party in Cologne. To ask for a beer in a pub, you would use your thumb to indicate "one" instead of your index finger. Cologne is also the home of Kölsch, so you'll never go thirsty either!

For the morning after...

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There is only one way to wake up during a bachelor party in Cologne and that is with aSexy wake up!

We give your bachelor a reason to get up and get up with the sound of "housekeeping".

The concept is simple, but the result is stunning. A gorgeous stripper dressed as a maid will make sure your bachelor gets up on the right side of the bed with a strip show like no other.

The sexy alarm clock or the immodest maid

Call it what you will, either way, this is an early wake-up call that the deer will have no trouble getting up for.

And then there's this...

Home of Kolsch | Stag party guide for Cologne (11)Photo credit: Fantasyland

This is for the inner child that is in all of us!

Or just the guys who are a bit on a leash and can't enjoy all the stippers and booze they want...

Escape Cologne for the day with a trip to Phantasialand theme park. From thrilling shows and daredevil performances that will take your breath away, to rides and attractions for the intrepid looking for an adrenaline rush, this theme park is sure to keep you and the boys entertained.

If you are looking for thrills and lots of fun, action and some adrenaline, you will find it in Phantasialand.

Not your typical bachelorette party activity, but that won't stop it from being a day to remember. If you're looking for something different before a good old-fashioned booze, a trip to Phantasialand theme park might be for you.

You can find more Cologne delicacies as well as ideas for bachelor parties, activities, nightlife, accommodation and more in ourCologne sideor when you are all set and ready to go give our sales team a call on 0208 236 0111


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