Popular Ukulele Songs to Play: Top 12 Ukulele Reviews (2023)

Popular Ukulele Songs to Play: Top 12 Ukulele Reviews (1)

This time we have come up with some of the most popular ukulele songs to play. Some of these tunes have stayed in the mouths of people at the peak of popularity for years, and some are more recent hits.

We think it is very important to play easy-to-play songs when learning the ukulele. Also, we recommend that you learn to play with Apprentice tunes such as Vance Joy, Leonard Cohen, or Jason Mraz songs so your friends can perform with them.

As a result, you'll be inspired to learn other chords, songs, and strumming patterns. Otherwise you may be disappointed.

To get the most out of the article, we have compiled some of the most popular and well-known ukulele songs for you below.

Top 12 most popular songs to play on ukulele

1. "No Woman, No Cry" by Bob Marley

Chords for this song:C, G, Am, F

"No Woman, No Cry" contains a good ukulele song. It's perfect to listen to on a ukulele. Also, it mostly runs on the same four chords over and over again. The chords usually get easy in this genre.

You can just play it outdoors or move the fretboard up like he does in the video. The same chords have higher pitches and possibly a different sequence of chord notes.

Singing the song is pretty easy, and almost everyone knows this song. Music lovers prefer Bob Marley, and many tracks by this artist work great on the ukulele.

In fact, reggae music lends itself very well to a small island instrument. The ukulele may have evolved in Hawaii, but it's just as beautiful in a Caribbean style!


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2. "Hey Soul Sister" by train

Chords for this song:C, G, Am, F

This song contains such a fun riff and pop vibe that makes it a fun and favorite ukulele tune. Both the chorus and verse contain only four chords, but the key to the song is in the E. The E major chord becomes a minor nuisance to many players because of the finger stretch.

The main chord progression remains the E-B-C#M-A, which goes with 1-5-6-4 or I-V-vi-IV as desired. Since all these cables get complicated for some people, switching to a simple key will help them!

Whatever key you choose, make sure it fits your voice. Also, don't forget to continue along with the song a very upbeat hit of "Hey, Soul Sister" and it will be excellent to listen to.


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3. "I Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis Presley

Chords for this song:A, Bm, B7, Db7, D, Em, Gbm, G

Essentially, Elvis recorded this song on his 1961 album Blue Hawaii, and it was never played by him on the ukulele. But in the same film he played the ukulele for a different tune.

But now it has gained the status of one of the most popular songs played on the ukulele for the band Twenty-One Pilots in recent times. And it's no surprise that they made it a hit as it's a beautiful song.

This song has several chords, but their changes are simple enough. If you're not used to playing the ukulele for hours on end, take it slow, a fantastic tempo for a love tune.

Due to the key of C, this song will hopefully stay within the range of most voices.


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4. „Riptide“ von Vance Joy

Chords for this song:Am, C, G, F

It is one of the newest and most popular songs to be played on the ukulele. Honestly, you'll find a perfect passionate pop feel in it. Although Db's key is essentially used for writing, many prefer to move it to the plain C key.

Regardless of the key, the same four chords continue throughout the song, sung and jammed effortlessly. His strumming mostly stays the same. As a result, beginners and advanced players can choose for themselves.

Lyrically, the enthusiastic song is billed as "the advent of the love story of the age" and is also noted for its metaphorical and pop culture references.


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5. „Here Comes The Sun“ von den Beatles

Chords for this song:G, C, Edim, D, Am6, Am

George Harrison liked to play the ukulele. So it won't be a perfect list of popular ukulele songs if we leave out its melodies. Paul McCartney supported the new fervor by playing "Something" to show respect to George.

One of the ideal songs to play the ukulele is "Here Comes The Sun," but it's undoubtedly the easiest. The A was the actual key used, but you'll find a commonly played key of G in the song. The reason is that the G is the basic ukulele key.

The little riffs you can play between the chords are one of the best aspects of this tune. Playing this tune on the ukulele, the Beatles and their solo work is always going to be great music.


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More Die Beatles-Songs

6. 8 (Eight) by Billie Eilish

Chords for this song:C, Cmaj7, F, G

An example of a recent fun ukulele tune is the song by Billie Eilish. We applaud Billie Eilish's love of the ukulele for inspiring many new players to embrace the instrument. There are alsoFender UkulelesEilish signs for sale.

Despite manyEilishs Ukulele-Songs, we chose it because of the use of the capo. In fact, string players use a capo to quickly change the key of the song as they sing.

Using familiar chord shapes might be the best way to at least change the key with capo. But it's important to make sure your chords sound okay when you shake your neck.

Finding the best intonation on cheap ukuleles is difficult. In this case, your ears will always serve as a guide.

However, their songs are relatively easy to learn, as are most of their hits. It's debatable whether Eilish's famous ukulele songs will stand the test of time, but at least they've undoubtedly influenced many new players.


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7. „I’m Yours“ von Jason Mraz

Chords for this song:Am, C, D7, F, G

Jason Mraz is one of the best musicians that everyone knows. The music seems complex but his singing is always nice to hear, like one of his songs, I'm yours. Mraz usually plays the lyrics fast like half a rap, but listening to his song seems very enjoyable.

His lyrics are also too fast for singing, a bit like rap. So it might be difficult to sing this song without memorizing the song well. At first the music sounds like Hawaiian songs.

The lyrics express how a boy feels about a girl and tells her that he belongs to her. Say more to her, let's dance and sing together as it's very amusing.


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8. „Hallelujah“ von Leonard Cohen

Chords for this song:Am, C, Em, F, G

Not only is it a popular ukulele song, but it also makes an ideal acoustic hit, whether you play the guitar, mandolin, autoharp, or any other poster string!

In this song, Leonard Cohen dissolved the chord movement! When he sings, "Well, that's the fourth, the fifth." That's what your chords do! In truth, this fantastic song can be considered a good music theory study.

Generally, newbies will play the first position chords, but it's a good idea to master different spots along the fretboard as you advance. Also, this song seems to be easier to hear in fingerstyle than in the strum pattern.

A good voice is suitable to play for "Hallelujah". Many of your listeners will sing along and be familiar with that famous uke sound.


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9. "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" von Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Chords for this song:C, Em, F, G, Am

Incredibly, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole is no longer in the music world to create another flawless song like "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". Many consider it another popular ukulele song to learn and listen to.

You've probably heard of his version because it's been used in modern movie soundtracks. One of the leading musicians is Kamakawiwo'ole, who plays a role in the recent revival of the jumping flea instrument.

Another aspect of this musician's popularity is the use of the low G string on his tenor ukulele. Typically in your ukulele there is a high G followed by a low C. But in this tune he sang with a specially wound low G string and produced an incomparable sound with a bit more bass.


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10. "Tip Through the Tulips" by Tiny Tim

Chords for this song:G, G7, C, C7, F, Fm, Em, A7, D7

If you're looking for the most famous ukulele song of the '60s, you might find it. It might seem like a silly innovation hit, but you'll see that this song has had an immense impact on the ukulele world.

Although Tiny Tim was a big man, he had a falsetto voice and a tiny soprano ukulele. In fact, it was this awkward pairing that caught the audience's attention and then captured her great talent as well.

A 1920's jazz hit with a ragtime-like chord progression is the original version of Tulips. This means that there are many seventh chords in this song. Typically, chords might not be that hard, but singing might be loud!


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11. „Old Town Road“ von Lil Nas X

Chords for this song:Am, C, G, D

Is there anyone who hasn't heard this song yet? But the fact is different than two years ago. This song has become one of the most popular ukulele songs at the moment.

In fact, his lyrics describe the path to success, fortune, wealth and all the good deeds that the singer is experiencing right now.

Publishers refer to the song as a pop, trap, country rap, rock southern hip hop, country, or country trap song. Also, this song was written in G♯ minor, including a chord progression of G♯-Badd9-F♯-C♯m7.

In addition, you can sing this song with Am, C, G and D chords. Beginners and advanced players will not find it difficult.


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12. Tonight you're mine

Chords for this song:G, G7, C, Cm, D, E7, A7, D7

Due to its place in movie history, it is on the list of the most popular ukulele songs. In the Carl Reiner Classic, Jerk Steve Martin played this pop standard on a soprano uke when he sang with Bernadette Peters.

While not very beginner-friendly, it's not as tedious as playing a melody. Some chords may seem unfamiliar, but no chord becomes tiresome. Knowing when to use the minor 7th and 6th chords would be excellent practice.

Once you can play your ukulele, the desire to use more extended chords will come naturally to you. Keep in mind that if you create a cover for this tune, other singers can benefit.


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Final Thought, Best Popular Ukulele-Songs

Now there are 12 best ukulele songs around you. If you intend to sound more great tunes on your ukulele, look for more music from the artists above.

Try to know more chords and use your ears to feel which sound to hear correctly. Hope you become a great ukulele player. Just continue your practice.

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